Best Picture 1973: Final Thoughts


As with every year in the 70s, this was a more than fine year for this category. Even though my average score is probably higher for 1971, the fact that Cries and Whispers and The Exorcist are in it elevates it higher and I very much enjoy doing this year. I know I said I won’t do a ranking, but doing one is a lot easier this year as compared to 1971 (which I’ve become more objective towards), and if I were to do one it would be roughly:

5) A Touch of Class: 3.5/5
4) The Sting: 4/5
3) American Graffiti: 4.5/5
2) Cries and Whispers: 5/5
1) The Exorcist: 5/5

Surprise? So am I. I used to be a hardcore Cries and Whispers worshiper, and I still am but there was something so brilliant about The Exorcist that pushed it higher (by a hair!). I don’t really know why either, it could largely be a surprise factor since I discovered many new things that I loved about that movie while Cries and Whispers was still as amazing as it was last time. I guess I’ll be alternating between the two. The Sting is a totally fine winner btw, even though I don’t love it myself I don’t get the hate towards it either. A nice, stylish and enjoyable film.

And that concludes 1973! I just had to get it out of the way before school reopens next week. Sighs. Still, I’m glad I did it.

As of now, the next year I’m intending to look at is 1977. I’ve seen all the movies except The Turning Point…which I’m not looking forward to. Still, Annie Hall and Star Wars are classics in their own right, and I loved Fonda and Redgrave in Julia, so I am looking forward to this year too. Unfortunately, I predict that the next few months are going to be busy so it’ll take a loooong while. My next post will probably be a performance post and then I’ll be on hiatus again.



  1. Interesting! I remember watching The Exorcist such a long time ago. I didn’t really care for it, but then again, I must have been 12 so it’s not like I had the capacity to fully comprehend or appreciate it anyways. ’77 will be fun I’m sure!

    1. It’s certainly a film that’s not for everyone, and when I was young I found it incredibly boring too. But this time round when I got what it was telling me (or at least I think I did) I was just so blown away by what a human film it is underneath the “horror” elements.

      My opinions on the actresses remains the same though…I haven’t seen the other 3, but I will still pick jackson over burstyn. By a hair anyway 😀

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