Best Picture 1970: My Ranking!



5) Airport: Well, it’s a dated film that’s campy and entertaining for sure, but other than that, the best picture nomination itself is a bit much. I have no issues with Helen Hayes’ supporting actress win to be honest, although I think Karen Black deserved it more. 3/5.

4) Love Story: It’s a hated film but one that I’ve managed to appreciate for it’s simplicity. A few flaws here and there, but easy and enjoyable to watch. 3.5/5.

3) Patton: I find this a pretty standard biopic that I respect more than admire. To be honest, my real rating would have placed this in the fourth place while Love Story is in third, but I’m trying to be as objective as possible. The technical aspects are great, and combined with an astounding performance by George C. Scott, the movie itself is a very respectable effort a a whole. 3.5/5

2) MASH: A very strange movie, but I really appreciated its unique way of storytelling that is surprisingly modern. Using humour to reflect the horrors of war, MASH is a great watch by a great director. 4.5/5.

1) Five Easy Pieces: I may have been over enthusiastic in calling it a masterpiece, but out of the five films, I find Five Easy Pieces the most compelling and well-made film. It’s a truly bizarre, heartbreaking and saddening piece of work that may not be for everybody but I truly enjoyed it. 4.5/5.

Thoughts: A somewhat forgotten year, and I can sort of understand why. Other than Five Easy Pieces, none of the films really blew me away. That being said, there was something that I really liked in all of them (even Airport) and I really had fun watching all of them.

I know I did 3 posts in one day, and that’s because today was the last day of my exam! I just wanted to clear this year ASAP so that I can start on 1975, a year I am truly excited to start with.


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