Month: February 2015

Quick update

URGH I am so busy now that I barely have time to watch movies, much less write!

I’m currently doing research for a term paper, applying for internships, studying for exams etc. I was also doing a play during the first half of the semester and rehearsals basically took up a majority of my free time (and time for schoolwork too). Still, the process was highly satisfying and I really enjoyed it!

I’m sad to say that I’ve barely caught up with any of the Oscar nominated films and performances from last year. In all fairness, I didn’t feel compelled to watch any of them cause they just didn’t seem to have that particular draw, if you get what I mean.

I did, however, watch Birdman. I loved it, and I also loved Michael Keaton’s performance although I have to confess I wasn’t as blown away as everyone was. Still, it’s a five-star, Oscar-worthy performance by an underrated actor that I can fully respect.

One thing I’m glad about:

Yay finally!

Don’t think it’s over, Academy:

I will not be ignored!