Oscars 2016

I am a bit ashamed to admit that up till now…I have only watched The Martian out of,like everything.

Quick thoughts, nothing insightful of course since I haven’t seen most of the films:

  1. I never got the whole “Give Leo an Oscar” thing. I think he is talented, and believe it or not, there are times where I would have given him my personal win for The Wolf of Wall Street. But I just don’t feel strongly enough for him as an actor to consider him (or Amy Adams, for that matter) overdue. What about Glenn Close? And even Peter O’Toole, when he was alive. Still, glad that he won.
  2. I have always been interested in Bridge of Spies and Mark Rylance’s performance, and now I feel even more compelled to watch it.
  3. I feel terrible for admitting this, but other than Carol and 45 Years, not really interested in watching the best actress nominees.
  4. Point 3 for best supporting actress, except The Hateful Eight. Jennifer Jason Leigh sounds fascinating.
  5. I am now slightly interested in watching The Revenant. But I will be watching Mad Max: Fury Road, Bridge of Spies and Spotlight first cause I’m probably more interested in those.

Erm, well, that’s it. I’m not gonna lie, I will be taking my time with this year’s films. On the bright side, they sound better than last year’s films.

On another side, I think I am downgrading my rating for Damon’s performance to 4. I still liked him a lot, but I feel like I was over-enthusiastic, as I always tend to be.


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