Jurassic World and Spy (2015)

I haven’t been blogging much lately for various reasons: I was busy moving to my new house and there was no wifi for four weeks (!!), I was too busy settling the administrative stuff for my internship, and the worst of all, I had an awfully high fever that pretty much killed my interest in doing anything. I know I haven’t done the 70s best picture thing for a while, and I assure you, I will definitely not give up on it (I really wanna rewatch Taxi Driver and Annie Hall). I just haven’t exactly been in the mood and I wanted to focus more on film performances, which you would have noticed I have been doing over the past few months. Also, my initial plan was to focus on the Oscar nominees of 2014 but holy crap, this lineup is really boring me. I still have Whiplash and The Imitation Game to watch, and although I heard Whiplash is pretty damn good, I will confess that I have zero interest in watching both films. I’m not even sure if I will complete the best actor lineup because I’m not the biggest fan of Benedict Cumberbatch and I’ve already seen three male performances (Gyllenhaal, Oyelowo and Fiennes) that were miles better than the actual best actor nominees I’ve seen (except Keaton I guess). I will try to watch The Imitation Game but urgh…

Anyway, I watched Jurassic World and Spy and I thought I’d share my brief thoughts on both films.

Jurassic World (2015)

Rating: 3.5/5

Positive: Chris Pratt is probably the best aspect of the movie for me. He creates a fairly likable hero without resorting to any cliche acting choices. I have my issues with the whole relationship with the raptors thing, but I think he sells it. I like Bryce Dallas Howard in general and I think she’s a great actress (Does anybody else love her in The Help?) and I actually think she does a good job over here. I know her character is a walking stereotype but I think she actually gives the character humanity. And she runs in heels! I felt my legs aching as I watched her. I mean, I’m  a guy and I don’t wear heels but that looked painful. Kudos to her.

Oh, and call me a sadist, but I thought Zara’s death scene was disturbingly great. Oh wait. I take that back. Ah who cares, she was totally a cardboard character anyway.

Negative: I am a HUGE fan of the first film, and in my opinion the animatronics>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CGI. I realised over the years how little I actually like CGI technology and I always find them so…unauthentic. Give me makeup and robots anytime. I’ll admit I kinda rolled my eyes at the whole raptor/T-Rex collaboration thing, but it wasn’t a huge deal or anything. The film also tried to infuse several humorous/romantic moments throughout which felt awkward to me. I felt like they were trying to pay homage to the style of the first film, but that one still did it much better. I mean, who kisses when there are pterodactyls (or something else, they looked kinda different) flying EVERYWHERE? There were many lines scattered around that were obviously meant to be funny but came off as unnatural. Also, the supporting performances were a bit weak, like Vincent D’Onofrio (ridiculous character and storyline), but ahhh who cares? This isn’t the kind of movie about acting anyway.

Overall thoughts: You know what, I liked Jurassic World for what it was. I could continue nitpicking on its flaws, like whoever thought the gyrosphere was a good idea is clearly an idiot, but this is not the kind of film that is meant to be analysed and dissected to no end. I took it as a thrill ride which I enjoyed while it lasted. The CGI dinosoars took away some of the thrill factor for me because I couldn’t really buy it, but it’s a fine film. Don’t overthink it and enjoy it.

Spy (2015)

Rating: 4/5

Positive: I really liked this film. I think Melissa McCarthy gives her best performance and I’m not gonna lie, I think she deserves a Golden Globe nomination (Oscar nomination would be a bit much, though not totally undeserved). I know some people are very tired of her shtick but I actually think she’s a great comedienne and an awesome person in real life. The supporting performances are all very funny and great in general, especially Jason Statham, Rose Byrne and Miranda Hart. The plot is also not too bad, I mean don’t expect anything too amazing but it was good for what it was. The action sequences were actually really good and Melissa actually makes a good (and hilarious) action star! I loved the vulgar humour and creative insults that were thrown back and forth between the characters too – some will definitely find it a turn-off but I laughed a lot.

Negative: Nothing really. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch it in the theatre *clears throat* so the quality wasn’t the best and I missed quite a few of the funny lines. If you don’t like this brand of humour you will not enjoy this film but I do (and I enjoyed The Heat and Bridesmaids too, so no apologies there). Obviously, it’s not meant to be taken too seriously and it works.

Overall thoughts: I’ve pretty much summed up my thoughts above, so there. It’s an entertaining, no-brainer film that you watch to destress and laugh.


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