Quick update again!

Hello! I’ve been busy as usual but I thought I would pop by this blog for a while to resuscitate it before it fades into oblivion again. I’m taking more courses than the previous semesters, so my workload is heavier than usual. Furthermore, I’m taking this course called Financial Mathematics and it’s incredibly difficult (will never look at interest rates the same way AGAIN).Whenever I have free time that I could have used to watch a film and discuss it on the blog, I will feel pressured to revise my notes instead so that I wouldn’t feel so lost in the next lecture -.-. Yeah, I’m a bit of a nerd. I will, however, try to watch Kiss Of The Spider Woman (1985) some time soon so that I can discuss William Hurt’s famous turn there. Best picture 1973 will be put on hold, sorry.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this fascinating interview with all the Vivien Leigh fans out there (although I’m sure most of her fans would have watched this interview already). It’s between her, Ken Tynan and Samuel Goldwyn. Ken Tynan is notoriously known as the critic who often puts down Leigh and her acting talents. While it is fine to have a differing opinion and think that her performance in A Streetcar Named Desire is nothing special (although I vehemently disagree), he comes off as a pretentious, ignorant ass here. I’m sorry, but it feels to me that he’s just trying to come up with something “deep” to put down Leigh, but his arguments have no strength, basis or persuasive power. (Saying that Scarlett O’Hara and Blanche Dubois are the same characters, his “definition” of a star, saying that Leigh gets cast “so often” as southern belles, his idea of casting actors based on the nationality the characters, homogeneity of the cast etc.). Watching Vivien shoot him down with so much wit, intelligence and class is a truly satisfying experience.

One thing that stood out to me was Leigh’s opinion about acting: “I think truth is the keynote of all acting or of all artists…the fact that you wear a costume doesn’t make any difference to your mind. And if your mind is truthfully playing the character you’re supposed to be playing, the costumes and whether you have a fan in your hand or anything-it doesn’t make any difference at all.” Watch and learn, aspiring actors! There’s only so much an accent, a set of mannerisms and heavy makeup can do for you. If your mind is not being truthful, someone will always see through your act.


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