70’s Oscar Best Picture Project


The 70’s is essentially my favourite era for films. It is basically the period where all my favourites were released, like The Godfather (the GREATEST of all time…to me, at least), The Exorcist (favourite horror), Chinatown (favourite mystery)….in fact, I will go one step further and say that the movies from the 70s are the reason why I derive so much joy in film viewings, and why watching movies to me is such a thrilling, breathtaking, heartbreaking, moving and beautiful hobby for me.

Hence, I’ve decided to challenge myself. I’m going to watch every single film that has been nominated for the best picture Oscar in this decade. Well, it’s not so much of a challenge since I don’t intend to set a deadline or anything, although I don’t wish to spend more than one year on this either. Still, given my busy schedule nowadays, reading the newspapers alone is difficult enough as it is, much less watching a 2 hour film continuously (I tend to split a movie instead of watching it at one go). It’s kinda, crazy, but I’ll give it a try LOL.

I’m not going to watch the films in a particular order (not THAT disciplined, sorry), which means that I could be watching Patton (1970) this week and Nashville (1975). I’ll do a profile on each year though.

So now, my blog is going to consists of:

A) Random movie reviews
B) Performance of the week
C) 70’s Oscar best picture project
D) My usual rants and bitching about life and school and how points A to C are so troublesome to keep up with.

Sighs, so much for wanting to have no restrictions and structure for the blog. Still, it’s not that bad since I love watching movies.

And you know I am serious when I used my studying time to design that “banner” on my notebook LOL.


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