And life is currently…

Urgh. That Melissa Schilling book is boring the fuck outta me really fascinating and interesting. Studying is like trudging through a 24km route march on repeat a BREEZE!

But even so, whenever I feel like crap, all I have to do is to look at that poster on my wall, and what I see will never fail to put a smile on my face.


Blue tac stains all over the wall! A result of me deciding to rip off all the class photos that I stuck on using blue tac in the past. Sighs don’t ask me why I did that it was a personal matter. Oh by the way, the motivational quote I was referring was actually that “Study hard!”  thing signed by one of our local directors Glen Goei. But anyway, the Gone With The Wind poster is very…motivating as well? In a wrong way, I mean it totally looks as though Rhett was going to go rough on Scarlett in this one, and she’s totally embracing it. She like’s a little roughhouse huh? Whatever. Gone With the Wind is a classic, I shouldn’t be smearing it with my dirty thoughts.

Oh wait…that staircase scene…anyways

And that’s the motto I live by when I fuck up big time. “After all…tomorrow is another day!”

Do you know that Olivia De Havilland, the actress who plays Melanie Hamilton is still alive? I’m mind blown


I’m still figuring out what I’m trying to achieve with this blog. I think I want to do movie reviews and stuff? But school’s so busy nowaays urgh (EXCUSES!!)

Oh yes! I watched this play called Gruesome Playground Injuries that was produced by Pangdemonium. It’s really good! Not PERFECT, and the story isn’t exactly deep or what but what really amazed me was the acting. I mean, I’m sorry la I don’t have very high expectations of Singaporean theatre actors (Everything but the brain was rather disappointing) but seriously, the 2 leads were good. I’m not saying that they were Tony-awards worthy but their chemistry was REALLY strong, and their line deliveries were very good, even with the american accents and all. There were times where I felt the emotional scenes were a little bit forced (The whole losing the eye thing/touching the eye and stuff hmmm) and the sentimental moments were rather in your face, but they really nailed the funny scenes super well. And there were scenes that are actually moving/emotional too la…Like the scene where Kayleen talks about why she mutilates herself. And this is coming from a super cynical guy ok!

Great job guys!

You know, the whole plot kinda reminded me of Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind? The whole concept of 2 people fated to be together, no matter how much they don’t realise it. Kate Winslet’s finest performance too, if you ask me!

Annyway. I should really get back to doing work. Just needed a BREAAAAK from that Schilling book and Guns, Germs and Steel. Shen ah, jiu jiu wo ah!!!

p.s. I’ve been watching a couple of classical movies lately. Might be reviewing them soon! OR should I do Gravity? God, I’m so lost


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